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  • Targets attention to the mission of the security department and corporate strategy (enables you to spend less time putting out fires)
  • Showcases strengths  of your department (loss prevention and reduction)
  • Positions your team as consultants to the organization
  • Is customized  to your organization
  • Saves administrative time (creates monthly reports, annual board report for you)
  • Ensures your compliance with BAI (BITS), ABA, Regs P, E, Z, the UCC and Master Card/Visa Regs
  • Pinpoints training interventions needed for branch operations personnel
  • Solves cases by searching and linking case characteristics
  • Eliminates re-work and unrewarding effort (practically doubling your staff) 
  • Streamlines work processes so you can work smarter (not harder)
  • You don't have to remember everything–it automates every task of the financial institution investigative office.
  • You don't have to question if or when to complete a SAR–it prompts when a SAR is required, composes the form, allows you to completely edit it on the screen before generating it, is attached to the case, is summarized in separate report generator.
  • You don't have to spend hours, days, or week putting together those reports–it summarizes your entire case portfolio–by the time period, by geography, by organizational region, by category, by crime group, by assigned investigator, etc. (or combinations).
  • You can make all those compliance deadlines–it directs tasks of the office, prompting critical compliance-related tasks as due.
  • You can put away the calculator–it  calculates restitutions, past due payments and it monitors losses, recoveries, charge-offs.

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