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Features/Advantages of VCF

  • You don't have to question if or when to complete a SAR–it prompts when a SAR is required, composes the form, allows complete editing on the screen before generating it, is attached to the case, is summarized in separate report generator.
  • You don't have to spend hours, days, or weeks putting together those reports–it summarizes your entire case portfolio with numerous reports.
  • You can make all those compliance deadlines–it directs tasks of the office, prompting all critical compliance-related tasks as due.
  • You can put away the calculator–it calculates restitution and past due payments–it monitors losses, recoveries, charge-offs.
  • You can throw away those napkins and other scraps of paper–it records your interviews of witnesses, suspects (on screen in real time) and composes (automates) case write-ups.
  • You can let go of the mundane–the system composes and generates all standardized documentation (affidavits, statements, letters/memos, photo/file requests, etc.)
  • You can work smarter (not harder)–it streamlines work processes.
  • It mirrors your reality–is user friendly.

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